Cronjob Setup & Settings

NOTE: If youre planning to import data from several networks with many partners via cronjobs. Please make sure your server could take the load! We strongly recommend that the "LOAD LOCAL INFILE" feature for SQL is enabled on your server.

We also recommend that you protect your Cronjob-URL with a secret key. You can type in a secret key for cronjobs in the "Import" Tab of wpVoucherPro settings. If you dont know how to setup cronjobs on your server/webspace please ask your host.

There is only one cronjob available in the main plugin:

Delete/Mark expired Voucher


This function deletes expired vouchers.
This Cronjob should be called once a day. Ideally, shortly after midnight. f.e. 00:05am

With our affiliate importers you can perform several tasks with a cronjob:



Each Importer has the option to "Include Cronjob".
When checked, all available voucher will be added to the import queue (database) on cronjob call.
This Cronjob should be run once a day.



This function takes voucher information from the import queue to wordpress.
This Cronjob should be called frequently, espacially on large sites. f.e. every 5min.

Update-Voucher (Additional Fallback Function)


This is an additional Fallback Cronjob for customers without LOAD LOCAL INFILE support. You have to setup this cronjob only if your MySQL Server wont support the "LOAD LOCAL INFILE" function. This function will add x items to the import queue (database) on cronjob call. You can define X in the Cronjob Tab of wpVoucherPro. This Cronjob should be called several times after the "Update-Voucher" and before the Import Voucher Cronjob. Depending on your Host you may adjust your "Items per Call" Setting to prevent runtime errors.