Add/Edit Shops

The title is usually the name of the online shop or company.

The shop description. Good place for SEO.

Shop Affiliate-URL:
Here you can enter an affiliate/network link (if available).

Shop Website-URL:
To display the website URL in the shop details, the correct URL for the shop must be entered here. Normally this happens automatically with every shop import. In rare cases, vendors use API agency and tracking URL's that may not provide a correct preview image. Here you have to make manual corrections. If no affiliate link has been created, this is also the target URL for visitors who click on the shop link.

Shop-Content Intro:
Content above the actual shop content and current voucher list, e.g. short introductions.

Shop-Content Sidebar:
Here you can display additional information about the provider/shop in the sidebar. HTML is allowed.

Shop-Contact & Location Details:
Here you can display additional information about the provider/shop location and show contact information.

wpVoucherPro Shop-IDs:
Store shop IDs here. Shop ID's are composed of the network name + network program ID. You can enter several shop IDs. Separate individual shop IDs by commas, for example: adcell_38456, affilinet_89543, wp_11 etc.

Assign the shop to a shop category.

Featured Image:
Here you can upload a logo of the shop. With automatic shop imports, the logo is automatically downloaded.

Add/Edit Voucher

The voucher title.

Description and/or conditions of the voucher.

The shop ID of the assigned shop. Shop ID's are composed of the network name + network program ID. Manual submits will be prefixed with "wp_". Examples: adcell_38456 - affilinet_89543 - wp_{post_id} etc.

Voucher Expiration Date:
The expiration date of each voucher is set automatically when the voucher is imported. If you enter the date manually, the English date format "YYYY-MM-DD" is expected. For vouchers without an expiration date, the date of the voucher is set to "Import date" + "Plugin setting". In the plugin settings in the tab "Import" you can define by how many days vouchers are extended without expiration date (default: 7 days).

Voucher URL:
Affiliate link or link to the voucher/shop.

Voucher Code:
The voucher code (if necessary).

Voucher Minimum Order Value:
Minimum order value.

Voucher Restriction:
Restrictions / conditions for voucher redemption.

Voucher Type:
Available Voucher Types: Voucher (Default), Exclusive Voucher, Free Product Voucher, Free Shipping Voucher, Printable Voucher, Competition, Raffle or Lotteries, Specific Product Voucher

Voucher Type (Internal):
Available internal voucher types: "Featured", "Member only".

Voucher Value:
In this field you can determine the value of the voucher. For example "$ 5" or "5 %".

wpVoucherPro Voucher-ID:
Unique voucher ID. Leave empty on manual submits. Will be auto assigned by wordpress or importers.

Featured Image:
Here you can upload an image for printable vouchers or QR codes.

wpVoucherPro Widgets

Examples with default wpVP Settings running the minimalistic official Wordpress theme TwentySeventeen.

wpvp Shop Details Widget

Outputs selectable shop details.

Show Thumbnail in Widget: Yes / No
Show Voucher Count in Widget: Yes / No
Show Website URL in Widget: Yes / No
Show Shop Button in Widget: Yes / No

wpVP Search Widget

Outputs search form capable searching for posts/shops or voucher.

no Options

wpVP Shop Categories Widget

Outputs shop categories who are linked to taxonomy or custom category page.

Link Option: Shop-Category / Custom Category Page

wpVP Statistics Widget

Outputs shop & voucher related statistics.

Show Voucher Stats in Widget: Yes / No
Show Shop Stats in Widget: Yes / No
Show Added (last week) Stats in Widget: Yes / No
Show WooCommerce Product Stats in Widget: Yes / No
Show last update Date in Widget: Yes / No

wpVP Voucher Widget

Outputs voucher list by type.

Max Items: How many items should be displayed?
Type: Exclusive, Expiring, Featured, Latest, Member only or Popular (clicks).

Importing content with the main plugin

Most advertising networks offer a voucher export via CSV/XML files. To import these voucher and shop contents with the free WP All Import Plugin wpVoucherPro comes with additional plugins. The plugins automatically recognize the content type during imports and allow you to easily import all voucher and/or shop data via drag and drop.

Import content with Affiliate Importer

Navigate to wpVoucherPro -> Importer and select the desired importer. Enter required data such as API login and/or password and set the desired API parameters. After saving you can update and import voucher and shop lists. In this video we show you how the import process works using the Affilinet Importer as an example.

Third Party Theme Support

Compatible Themes: Couponer, Couponize. If wpVoucherPro runs in compatibility mode, only "Import" settings and the Affiliate Importers are available for wpVPoucherPro. All other functions are still controlled via the theme.